We apply systems, procedures and trainings to ensure your safety in areas such as accidents, disasters, fires, floods and hazardous materials as well as in the security field.

We always strive to meet your budget and meet your expectations.

We constantly follow, ensure and apply international safety norms, technologies, training standards and training notes and manuals.

We carry out extensive history checks on all employees and ensure trouble-free staffing.

We implement detailed and comprehensive training programs according to standards, procedures and training notes prepared by the official and civil pioneer organizations of the European Union and USA.

We are customer oriented.

We offer you a diverse and qualified workforce of professional and trained staff.

We have extensive knowledge about activities such as international fairs, congress centers, concerts and their management.

We use the latest and best technologies in communication devices.

We offer you daily invoices and daily-weekly activity and audit reports.

We are in a long-term relationship with the satisfaction of both customers and employees.

All our employees are certified and have security id card.